Bobbie Brown - a graphic novel by Mike Dawson

Bobbie Brown is an actress, model and entrepeneur, well known for her iconic appearance in the 1990 music video "Cherry Pie" performed by the band Warrant. Bobbie was married to Warrant front-man Jani Lane for many years with whom she had a daughter, and was later involved with Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee. In recent years Bobbie has appeared on the reality TV show The Ex Wives of Rock, and has launched an onine apparel store. Portions of this comic were adapted with permission from the memoir, Dirty Rocker Boys, written by Bobbie Brown and Caroline Ryder.

Page 1 - Helena's 1987
Page 2 - Kenny + Don Johnson
Page 3 - Meltdown
Page 4 - Kenny Bro, You Gotta Go